The Residents Association uses a flag system to help inform users of the potential current risk level of using the lake. The Flags are placed around the lake strategically in various locations that allow them to be visible from different parts of the lake and lakeshore.


GREEN FLAG: No known elevated risk of using the lake. There are always risks associated with lake use, but no additional or increased risks have been identified at this time.

YELLOW FLAGS: Potential elevated risk of using the lake. The lake is open, but please check the SSRA website prior to use for details regarding increased risk, and exercise caution and discretion prior to and/or during use.

RED FLAGS: Known increased risk of using the lake. Lake access is prohibited. Please see the SSRA website for more details.

It is important to remember that there are always dangers associated with using the lake, and Members and their guests use the lake at their own risk. Even when green flags are raised, lake safety, ice strength, water quality etc. can change quickly without the knowledge of the SSRA and some dangers may be difficult, if not impossible for the SSRA to identify. Therefore, PLEASE NOTE THAT:

  1. (a)  Members should not rely solely on the flag system and should continue to exercise judgment and caution at all times.
  2. (b)  this flag system is being provided as a courtesy to warn Members of dangers that have been identified. The SSRA may not be qualified to, nor is it obligated to, identify and warn Members of all potential risks that may exist.
  3. (c)  the SSRA assumes no liability for any injury, loss or damage related to use of the flag system, reliance by a Member on the flag system, improper or inaccurate assessment of the risk level, or failure to change the flags in a timely fashion, that may occur, or related to the use of the lake in general.

For clarity and removal of doubt, if red flags are being displayed, it means the lake is closed, and there is no access allowed for any users. Only SSRA staff or approved contractors may access the lake during times red flags are being flown. If Members or their guests are on the lake during these times, the SSRA may contact the proper authorities (Fire Department, Police etc.) to safely remove those individuals from the lake. All costs associated with the removal of these individuals will be incurred by those individuals who were using the lake. Members using the lake at a time when red flags are raised will have their lake access reviewed. Consequences following such a review may include suspension or termination of a Member’s right to access the Summerside Amenities, at the sole discretion of SSRA Management and Board of Directors.

This information is from our rules which can be found here.